Pre-event activities

The 2020 Virtual Edition : 2020 Run for Fun Virtual Series

The Run for Fun outings presented by the Magasin de la Place in the framework of the Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon are free and open to all.

Come and practice in groups to discover some sections of the Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon.

In the program :

  • Advice on specific preparation before and after the race.
  • Advice focused on nutrition before, during and after training by Ariane Lavigne
  • Animated warm-up (beginner, intermediate, advanced) by ambassadors
  • Presence of cadence rabbit.
  • Loop trail: start and return to the same point.
  • Distance of 5km or more according to the caliber.

The Half Marathon team offers preparatory lectures on the sidelines of the event on the following topics:

  • Nutrition Conference
  • Pre-race preparation
  • Racing techniques
  • Motivation Conference


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Athlete running since 2008 (duathlon 2013), Sabrina St-Gelais is specialized on distances of 5000m and more. I am proud to be associated with the Tremblant ½ marathon event because I am passionate about running and the fact that one of the missions of the organization is to make the athletes shine so that everyone can feel special fits me well.

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I became passionate about running towards the end of high school. I joined the Boomerang of CÉGEP André-Laurendeau in cross-country from 2011 to 2013 and later the McGill team in cross-country and athletics from 2013 to 2018. I completed a bachelor’s degree in teaching physical education and I am completing a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

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My first road race was the 5km LaSalle completed in 16:47 and my first marathon the Montreal one with a time of 3:05:19. In 2017, I won 21k Scotiabank in Montreal in 1:07:23 and in 2019, I finished first in the Montreal Marathon in 2:22:04. I am currently provincial champion of 5km and 10km and I hope to become 21.1km this year Mont-Tremblant half-marathon.

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A passionate runner for forty years!
Jean-Yves Cloutier has been an ambassador and collaborator for the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon since 2011. He is the founding president of the Montreal Winners Club and has coached thousands of runners of all levels and designed training programs that have come to the fore. A lot of success.

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He is the author of four best-sellers including three on the run with more than 55,000 copies sold by La Presse, the books Running at Good Rhythm 1 and 2, The Coach Answers your Questions and the latest Walking at Good Rhythm .

In addition to being a spokesperson for running in Quebec, he is also a speaker and ambassador for several road races. In 2013, he was named coach of the year in Quebec in athletics in the international coach category.

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Bsc, Msc, Kinesiologue, Entraîneur du Demi-marathon Mont-Tremblant
Robert Roy is a successful kinesiologist and an expert in the field of athlete coaching, strength training and conditioning, functional training and fitness. With over two decades of experience, He uses exercise for rehabilitation, injury prevention and…

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…athletic development, and brings an extraordinary skill set to his coached athletes.

Owner of the Mont Tremblant sports conditioning facility RobFit HQ, Robert has worked with all levels of athletes in the sports of running, triathlon, hockey, tennis, snowboard and downhill skiing providing training solutions that lead to successful and positive results. A graduate of the Concordia University Exercise Science program and an Ironman Certified Coach, Robert is driven by a passion for movement and fitness and ignites that passion in his coached athletes.

An Ambassador for the Demi Marathon Mont Tremblant since its inception, Robert is honored to support this important event.

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Super entraîneur
François is one of the great coaches on whom the Half Marathon is proud to be an ambassador. In addition to his many teaching qualifications he has extensive experience as a coach in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, triathlon and athletics in which discipline he has been involved since 1989.

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He teaches high school physical education and shares his passion for sport every day at Hawkesbury Catholic High School in Ontario, where he is responsible for the athletics program.

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Sports nutritionist and Olympian
Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the Université de Montréal, Ariane has been a nutritionist since 2008 and works with an active clientele and high-level athletes with the Vivaï nutrition experts team and at the Institut National. of the Quebec Sport.

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Wanting to improve her knowledge of athletic performance, she also holds a specialization diploma in sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee.

A recently retired Canadian alpine snowboard athlete who participated in the last Olympic Games in 2014, she is now fully focused on her nutritionist profession and remains active in a variety of sports and activities in her home region.

In preparation for the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon, she will come to provide nutritional advice related to running.

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Morbidly obese her entire adult life and barely able to walk, a lifestyle change and a challenge from her coach Robert Roy almost a decade ago changed her life. After dropping 170 pounds and making daily exercise a habit, Cathy’s coach knew she needed a new challenge to complement her healthy lifestyle. The 5K distance of the Demi Marathon Mont Tremblant was it.

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Little did he know (or perhaps he did…) that it would lead to a love affair with running.

Since that first 5K in 2012, Cathy has crossed over fifty finish lines; 5K’s, 10K’s, trails runs, mud runs, six half marathons, a marathon and six Ironman 70.3 triathlons.

This spring Cathy celebrated her 60th birthday, and is an example to our community that it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  She knows from long experience that being unfit and unhealthy is hard, and knows that being fit and healthy is also hard work – every day she recommits to her mantra: #chooseyourhard.

Featured in Triathlon Magazine Canada, Canadian Running Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine and other national news outlets for the exuberance and joy she brings to the sport, Cathy is passionate about her love affair with running and sharing her happiness with others. Cathy adores chasing finish lines and that sprint down main street at the end of the Demi Marathon Mont Tremblant is her favorite finisher chute.

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Athlete of 40 who wants to discover his passion.
I discovered running in 2008. Since 2013, my passion for this new sport has also turned into a passion for triathlon. I had the opportunity to train with excellent athletes and to be coached by eminent personalities in their field. She participated in three Ironman World Championship 70.3 (2013,2014,2016).

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She participates in many annual running events without ever missing her favorite event Le Demi-Marathon Mont-Tremblant where she has already won the 10km and she encourages several participants to cross the finish line in her role of rabbit cadence of the most motivating. Now ranked for the legendary Boston Marathon for 2019.
She chooses to teach her passion to cultivate the art of combining: effective training, pleasure and results.

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Head Coach and owner of CrossFit Mont-Tremblant
Originally from Montreal, I live in the Tremblant region since 2003. My passion for sport led me to work in this region after my university studies, first as a ski coach and then as a consultant in activity, physical. Over time I have developed my expertise and reputation in training and physical preparation.

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These work experiences have led me to work with some famous athletes, such as Olympians. Getting involved in the community has always been important to me. Since 2007, I am part of the fire brigade, the Fire Department of the City of Mt-Tremblant.

Formation :

  • B. Sc Exercice Science – Thérapeute Atlétique
  • CF Level 2
  • CrossFit GymnasticsetCrossFit Weightlifting
  • AMSC Niveau, FESC Niveau 2etPNCE 2

For several years, CrossFit Mont-Tremblant has been involved in the promotion of the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon and actively participates in recruiting participants. In addition to training at CrossFit, several members of the gym have also adopted running and register each year in all distances offered at the Half-Marathon Mont-Tremblant, not to mention the participation in the 1km of children with the minis !

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Jean-François Duquette struggled with cancer in 2010 and, now 36, is the father of two children, waiting for a third. There is no doubt that these facts partly explain his philosophy of life. He is the founder of Soulpeaks, a company that advocates the outdoors, personal growth and life in harmony with nature. Resident of Mont-Tremblant, he is full of praise for his vast playground.

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As an athlete, let’s say that after having been in the world of the Ironman triathlon for several years, he trains now, alone or with the members of the Trail Salomon Tremblant club, in the forest, the trails, the mountains.

What characterizes him is that at each exit, he realizes that it is in this natural environment that he feels in perfect harmony and that he pushes his limits without any pressure, to the conquest of his first race. 100 km this season.

Moreover, he confesses quite naturally that he always likes to push his limits to see how far he can go. In fact, the trail is a constant battle with himself to reach his peak, his personal peak, “the best version of myself,” he admits.

As for the world of the ultra marathon, this community fascinates him and gives him the taste to stick to it and to walk there to reach the ultimate goal: a first 100 miles.

It will be a great pleasure to meet you on the ground, on the roads, in the events, to share a few kilometers and this passion that lives in us all: the running. “


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For a 9th consecutive year the Demi Marathon Mont-Tremblant has an eco-friendly plan. The objectives where well obtain in the previous years. Effectively detailed attention has been put into the managment of waste and a diminution of overall footprint on the environment. The Mont Tremblant Half Marathon is one of Québec's events that apply a pratical eco-friendly plan and strategy.

Do not be surprised to see the Green Team on the site so that future generations of runners can also run in the wonderful, healthy and pleasant is the city of Mont-Tremblant.


Project shoes in collaboration with Rona Forget Mont-Tremblant et Skechers

Beyound the managment of waste and it’s eco-friendly plan of actions the Demi-marathon Mont-Tremblant is also involved with an international program that distribute once used but still loved shoes to people in need around the world.  Last year over 200 pairs of shoes where donated. You can drop off your old shoes at Rona Forget Mont-Tremblant from June 1st until August 14th 2018.  All type of shoes and sandals are accepted.

For the Community

Always striving to be very involved in its community, the Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon takes advantage of its identity as event that’s accessible to everyone to be proactive within the community.

Here are some concrete examples of the event’s involvement:

  • The “Run for Fun” outings presented by the Magasin de la Place as part of the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon are free and open to everyone.
  • Gratuities for the teenagers and teachers who act as mentors of the Curé Mercure high-school’s running club ‘Les Voyageurs’ as well as for the students from Le Tremplin elementary school in Labelle.
  • Discounts offered to all school running clubs in the Laurentian region.
  • 50% discount for all members of the Club Tri-Action de Mont-Tremblant;
  • Reduced rate of 15% offered to all members of the Chambre de Commerce du GrandMont-Tremblant;
  • Reduced rate for a number of sports clubs in the Laurentian region.
  • Free registration for the Défi 3S participants
  • Fundraising Program for the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation
  • Shoe Donation Program for the underprivileged

A program take makes donations to non-profit organizations in exchange for a day of volunteering.

  • Club de Vélo de Mont-Tremblant
  • Club Tri-Action
  • Club de Patinage artistique Mont-Tremblant
  • Grand Frères et Grandes Sœurs des Laurentides
  • J’entreprends Mont-Tremblant: Centre Collégial de Mont-Tremblant
  • Parc Linéaire du P’Tit Train du Nord
  • Étudiants en médecine podiatrique, Université de Trois-Rivières
  • Club de Tennis La Relance

Aid to various fundraising events for several local and regional organizations